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Auto Accident Attorney | What Should You Do If You Witness a Car Accident?

Auto Accident Attorney | One of the biggest hurdles for an auto accident attorney to overcome is when there are no witnesses to a car accident case. Witness testimony can go a long way in proving one side or the other as far as determining who is financially responsible for injuries and repairs. While we often discuss what we should do if we are ever involved in a car accident, we should also be just as aware of what we should do if we witness one.


If you witness a car accident, safely stop and wait for police to arrive. You should be prepared to give your full statement at that time, but an officer may ask you to come in at a later date to provide more details. Just be sure that you stop so that you provide information as it may be requested of you.

Provide Contact Information

Make sure that you provide your phone number to police in case they need to reach you in the future. Your account of the events is incredibly important because you don’t have anything to gain from the outcome. Essentially, your perspective is unbiased.

Tell the Truth

Don’t ever fill in missing details or provide inaccurate accounts of what happened. If you didn’t completely see something, then don’t say that you did. Only offer details that you actually witness and not events that you assumed happened.

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If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, please reach out to Mingledorff & Patterson, LLC offices. We have years of experience helping clients just like you in cases with or without witnesses. For more information, call us today to schedule your consultation right away.

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Auto Accident Attorney | Apps That Help with Distracted Driving

Auto Accident Attorney | Any auto accident attorney will tell you that distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents every single year. However, because we live in an age where apps are everything, there are actually a few great apps out there at help with distracted driving. Here are a few of our favorites.

LifeSaver: This app doesn’t allow people to text and drive and has a built-in tracker that allows family and loved ones to know that you have safely arrived at your destination. This is an excellent app for people who have teenage kids just learning how to drive.

TrueMotion: TrueMotion is a free app that actually rates your driving techniques on a point system. At the end of your trip, you will give a score based on the number of times your driving indicated you might have been distracted. It can showcase a driver’s history and show location on the roadway in real time.

CellControl: As many people know, cell phones are a huge distraction for drivers. CellControl disables the driver’s phone and doesn’t allow them to do things such as text or take selfies behind the wheel. You may also choose to just use it as a monitoring device to see how your child is using their phone while they drive.

Distracted driving kills and injures people every single day. Apps like these go a long way in helping us prevent these types of accidents and think about our responsibility on the roadway.

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Auto Accident Attorney | Pros and Cons of Settling out of Court

Auto Accident Attorney | Deciding to contact and hire a car accident lawyer can be a difficult decision, but even after you’ve made that choice, you’re going to have options to weigh. One of the most difficult can be if you should accept the offer and settle out of court. While your attorney can help guide you in that decision, it’s good to be thinking about the costs and benefits of that decision. Here are a few things to consider.

Not receiving enough compensation

While the offer that you receive is likely to be lower than the amount you hope to be awarded, it’s the safety that you will still end up with something. Sometimes these offers can be close enough that the guarantee of receiving at least some proportion of your loss makes it worth settling.

The loss of the purpose

Sometimes court cases can be precedent setting or the final judgment against a company can raise awareness to your cause. If you settle out of court, it is more unlikely to be disclosed to a wide audience.

Less overall expense

Trial cases are considerably more expensive for both parties. Truncating legal proceedings and accepting a settlement offer reduce the workload, and the overall cost for all parties involved.


Whether your case is slated for a judge or a jury, any car accident attorney will tell you that anything can happen. Judges, and more frequently, juries, can result in more unpredictable trial outcomes.


While it is possible to appeal a settlement case, the settlement outcome is usually final. The ability to end the lengthy legal process is often a huge factor in the desire to accept a settlement.

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Auto Accident Attorney | Understanding the Levels of Fault in a Car Accident Case

Auto Accident Attorney | If you’ve ever looked into the steps to take after an accident, your insurance always states that you should not admit fault. Sometimes this may seem like an unnecessary step if somebody violated the rules of the road, but assigning fault in an accident is not always straightforward. While you should consider hiring an auto accident lawyer if you’ve been involved in a crash, here are a few things to consider when trying to understand who is at fault for a collision.



Negligence is typically the way that fault is assigned to an accident. The error may lie with an individual that failed to yield the right of way, or by running a red light or speeding. However, if there are other possible causes, the fault may lie with the other party.

Reckless or wanton conduct

A person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at levels that are unsafe to operate a vehicle would have conducted in a reckless or wanton manner. These individuals may be assigned fault for a motor vehicle accident.

Strict liability

Strict liability may be considered even in the absence of fault. Strict liability is used in cases that may involve an injury that wasn’t directly related to causing the accident. Some examples include the transportation of hazardous materials or a defective product that caused injury.

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While it may seem pretty simple to assign fault in a case, you may want to have your case reviewed by an auto accident attorney. These attorneys are well versed in identifying issues with how fault was determined, or that fault was erroneously determined. If you are considering hiring an auto accident lawyer, please contact our offices. Mingledorff and Patterson have experienced attorneys with diverse experience in auto accidents. Let us provide you with a case review to determine the potential value of your claim. Call

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Auto Accident Lawyer | Most Common Worker’s Compensation Claims

Auto Accident Lawyer | Most drivers have had to drive in adverse conditions. These conditions all offer unique strategies to navigate to your destination safely. However, winter driving conditions can offer the most hazardous of all of the conditions. Numerous accidents and long traffic delays occur during a winter storm. The tips below may keep driver’s accident-free during the winter months, but if you’ve been involved in an accident, you should consider contacting an auto accident lawyer.

Watch the weather

Allowing for more time and flexibility in winter driving plans can often result in an overall savings of time and money. Planning to drive winter roadways before, or significantly after a storm offers a better chance of ice-free roads and increased traction. Watching the immediate and extended weather forecasts can help you predict the best times to travel.

Accelerate and decelerate slowly

Traction is the most crucial component of winter driving. By allowing more time for slowing and speeding up, you give your wheels the best chance to maintain their grip on icy or snow packed roads.

Be on the lookout for ice patches

Ice often forms in areas that are shaded or roadways that don’t receive the insulation from the ground. As you navigate winter roadways, watch for areas that receive additional shade, such as on the north side of trees, bridges, or mountains. Suspended roadways are also more prone to freezing when other areas may be wet. These include bridges and culvert crossings. It is wise to slow in advance and not make any sharp turns at these points.

Weigh-down the back of trucks

Trucks with unloaded beds have poor weight distribution. By increasing and evenly distributing weight in the bed of a truck, it helps to maintain control around corners, and when starting and stopping the vehicle.

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While following these tips increases your odds of avoiding collisions during the winter months, it doesn’t guarantee them. If you’ve been involved in an accident, consider hiring an auto accident attorney. Mingledorff and Patterson have experienced auto accident attorneys dealing with foul weather accidents and have represented several clients in these case types. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation.