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Auto Accident Lawyer | Most drivers have had to drive in adverse conditions. These conditions all offer unique strategies to navigate to your destination safely. However, winter driving conditions can offer the most hazardous of all of the conditions. Numerous accidents and long traffic delays occur during a winter storm. The tips below may keep driver’s accident-free during the winter months, but if you’ve been involved in an accident, you should consider contacting an auto accident lawyer.

Watch the weather

Allowing for more time and flexibility in winter driving plans can often result in an overall savings of time and money. Planning to drive winter roadways before, or significantly after a storm offers a better chance of ice-free roads and increased traction. Watching the immediate and extended weather forecasts can help you predict the best times to travel.

Accelerate and decelerate slowly

Traction is the most crucial component of winter driving. By allowing more time for slowing and speeding up, you give your wheels the best chance to maintain their grip on icy or snow packed roads.

Be on the lookout for ice patches

Ice often forms in areas that are shaded or roadways that don’t receive the insulation from the ground. As you navigate winter roadways, watch for areas that receive additional shade, such as on the north side of trees, bridges, or mountains. Suspended roadways are also more prone to freezing when other areas may be wet. These include bridges and culvert crossings. It is wise to slow in advance and not make any sharp turns at these points.

Weigh-down the back of trucks

Trucks with unloaded beds have poor weight distribution. By increasing and evenly distributing weight in the bed of a truck, it helps to maintain control around corners, and when starting and stopping the vehicle.

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While following these tips increases your odds of avoiding collisions during the winter months, it doesn’t guarantee them. If you’ve been involved in an accident, consider hiring an auto accident attorney. Mingledorff and Patterson have experienced auto accident attorneys dealing with foul weather accidents and have represented several clients in these case types. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation.

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