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Personal Injury Attorney | Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney | When it comes to finding a personal injury attorney, the process can feel incredibly overwhelming. If you want to make sure that you’ve found the right person to work for you, then you should take some time asking them questions to understand better their experience as well as their methods for getting the results that you deserve. Here are the questions you should ask a personal injury attorney during the initial consultation.

What Costs Am I Responsible For?

Some personal injury attorneys require fee whether you win or lose. Make sure everybody is on the same page as far as costs and expenses are concerned. You don’t want to be hit with a surprise bill that you aren’t financially prepared for.

What is My Case Worth?

While a personal injury attorney can’t make any promises about the amount you will be awarded, they can provide a general range of what your case is worth. Once you provide all the details that you can, your personal injury attorney should be able to give you an idea of the amount you should expect.

Who Will Handle My Case?

While many attorneys work with other associates, it’s essential for you to know who exactly will be handling your case. You’ll want to be sure that person is involved with your consultation, and you have a clear understanding of what they plan to do for you. This is only fair moving forward.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re ready to move forward with your case, then please give us a call. The law offices of Mingledorff & Patterson, LLC are here to serve each client by fully answering their questions. Contact us today to schedule your consultation so we can create a customized plan for you.

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Car Accident Attorney | What Qualifies as Negligence in a Personal Injury Case?

Car Accident Attorney | A personal injury attorney hears the term “negligence” numerous times throughout their career. However, for people who don’t handle these types of cases on a regular basis, there may be some confusion about what negligence actually means. In short, when it comes to personal injury cases, negligence refers to the failure to exercise reasonable care. Let’s take a closer look at what this actually means.

Four Points of Consideration

Typically, a personal injury attorney must prove four points in order to determine negligence in a case successfully. Those four points include:

The victim must have suffered harm.

The defendant’s failure to react or offer reasonable care resulted in the injury of the victim.

The duty of care was breached when the defendant chose not to offer reasonable care to the victim.

The duty of care exists which means that the plaintiff should have acted reasonably to spare the victim of harm or injury.

Outcome in Court

If the personal injury attorney can prove each of the four points above, then it is likely the plaintiff will receive a favorable ruling. Failure to do so will make it much more difficult for the court to rule in your favor. Keep in mind, actually obtaining the money you win during a personal injury case requires other processes and is not automatically given to the winning party.

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If you are searching for a personal injury attorney, then look no further than the law offices of Mingledorff & Patterson, LLC. All years of experience to help you understand the more delicate details of your personal injury case. Do not hesitate to contact your trusted car accident attorney today to schedule a consultation.


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Personal Injury Attorney | Reasons a Personal Injury Attorney Can’t Take Your Case

Personal Injury Attorney | Perhaps you’ve been in an accident and reached out for help only to discover that a personal injury attorney can’t take your case. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens based on the specifics of the case. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons that this may occur and how you can avoid this issue in the future.

You’ve Already Accepted a Settlement

Once you’ve accepted a settlement, your case is pretty much decided. Even if you later feel like the amount wasn’t enough, you can’t really change your mind. This is why it’s so important to have a personal injury attorney review your case before you make any big decisions.

Injuries are too Minor

In some instances, your injuries are simply not significant enough to create a case. However, don’t ever assume that your injuries are too minor. You should still seek medical and legal advice no matter the type of accident or injuries you suffer. Likewise, failure to produce medical records regarding your injury can also make it difficult or impossible for a personal injury attorney to help you.

Statute of Limitations

Most cases have a statute of limitations which means you can only legally pursue the case for a certain period of time. That is why it’s incredibly important to seek legal guidance right away, so you don’t waste your time or your opportunity to receive the settlement you deserve.

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Mingledorff and Patterson are committed to providing only the best legal services they can for each and every patient. Before you accept a settlement or write off your case, reach out to us for more information first. Allow their years of experience as a personal injury attorney to work for you. Contact the offices today to schedule a consultation.

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Auto Accident Lawyer | Three Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

Auto Accident Lawyer | Securing a personal injury lawyer in the aftermath of an accident may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, victims of a severe crash can soon find themselves behind mounting medical bills, time away from work, and impaired in everyday activities that stem from the initial trauma.

Here are three questions for any potential personal injury attorney that will give you confidence that you are going to receive fair compensation.

What fees can I expect to pay?

Financial questions may be a difficult topic to broach with a prospective personal injury lawyer, but it’s critical to know what is going to be expected of you throughout the process. Typical fees range anywhere from 25-40% of the total settled amount. You should also make sure that you understand if you will be charged any costs if you do not win your case. Case-related expenses may not be tied to the ruling.

Have you worked with cases similar to mine?

Legal experience in cases is paramount to your case. You don’t want to have your financial future jeopardized if an attorney is inexperienced or using your situation as their teaching moment. Ask to speak to a previous client that had this similar situation.

What is my case worth?

When you’ve experienced a severe accident, it can be tough to put a dollar amount that adequately covers all of the actual financial and emotional and physical losses that you experience. Your attorney should have a better handle on this and give you an idea of what to expect to recover.

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If you are the victim of an accident and are looking for more information, please contact Mingeldorff & Patterson, LLC. We are experienced personal injury attorneys that specialize in helping our clients seek the justice and compensation that they deserve.

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Auto Accident Attorney | Pros and Cons of Settling out of Court

Auto Accident Attorney | Deciding to contact and hire a car accident lawyer can be a difficult decision, but even after you’ve made that choice, you’re going to have options to weigh. One of the most difficult can be if you should accept the offer and settle out of court. While your attorney can help guide you in that decision, it’s good to be thinking about the costs and benefits of that decision. Here are a few things to consider.

Not receiving enough compensation

While the offer that you receive is likely to be lower than the amount you hope to be awarded, it’s the safety that you will still end up with something. Sometimes these offers can be close enough that the guarantee of receiving at least some proportion of your loss makes it worth settling.

The loss of the purpose

Sometimes court cases can be precedent setting or the final judgment against a company can raise awareness to your cause. If you settle out of court, it is more unlikely to be disclosed to a wide audience.

Less overall expense

Trial cases are considerably more expensive for both parties. Truncating legal proceedings and accepting a settlement offer reduce the workload, and the overall cost for all parties involved.


Whether your case is slated for a judge or a jury, any car accident attorney will tell you that anything can happen. Judges, and more frequently, juries, can result in more unpredictable trial outcomes.


While it is possible to appeal a settlement case, the settlement outcome is usually final. The ability to end the lengthy legal process is often a huge factor in the desire to accept a settlement.

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If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, and are looking for a car accident attorney with extensive background, please contact our offices. Mingledorff and Patterson have broad experience in these types of cases and will work hard to get you the outcome that you deserve.

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Personal Injury Lawyer | Ways You Can Be A Safe Driver

Personal Injury Lawyer | Personal injury lawyers understand that driving in the modern era has become increasingly difficult to safely navigate. Fatalities and injuries have been on the rise. Whether they are distracted by cell phones or other technologies, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the ramifications are the same. While we can’t control the actions of others, these tips can help you increase your own safety and your ability to arrive at your destination safely.

Pay Attention

Typically, distracted driving accidents happen after exhibiting some tell-tale signs of their lack of focus. If you are vigilant, you can recognize these warning signs before it’s too late. Part of staying alert to those around you is making sure that you are in proper shape to operate a vehicle.

Proper amounts of sleep, abstaining from taking medications or alcohol that may impair your ability to react and taking frequent breaks all factor into our ability to safely navigate to our destination.

Think Safety

By allowing safe following distance between the car in front of you, you not only allow more reaction time for unexpected road hazards, but you also allow a larger field of vision in front of you. Using a seat belt, locking doors, adjusting mirrors, and making sure your seat is in the proper position may all take a few seconds. However, doing these simple things can greatly increase your chances of walking away from an accident unscathed or with minor injuries.

Have an Escape Route


As pilots learn to fly, they are always taught to be looking for the place that they could land if the engines suddenly quit. In the same way, we need always to be looking and planning what we could do if a sudden hazard emerged. Allowing yourself more distance from the car in front of you increases the time available to react. Lowering your speed has the same effect.

Checking your mirrors frequently to recognize traffic that is to both sides, and behind you can also play to your favor if you need to make an emergency maneuver. As you drive, always be thinking about possible obstacles, wildlife, rocks in the road, playing children, or a disabled vehicle, and recognize how you would need to react in each setting. By playing these scenarios in our heads, we’re more likely to react appropriately to a situation.

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If you find that you’ve been involved in an accident, a personal injury lawyer should be one of your first calls. They can help navigate the complex legal and financial hurdles that you will encounter. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, reach out to Mingledorff & Patterson, LLC.  Our experience and reputation serve as a guide to you throughout the legal process.

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Car Accident Lawyer | Safely Driving in Different Types of Weather


Car Accident Lawyer | It doesn’t matter where you live, driving in adverse weather conditions is something that we all need to be prepared to face. Some driving advice applies to all drivers, while others may be more applicable to drivers in more northern climes, or those facing some extreme weather events in more arid conditions.

If you are involved in an accident that you think may have been caused by the weather, consider working with a car accident lawyer.

General Vehicle Tips

It doesn’t matter if you’re faced with a blizzard, or faced with torrential downpours, a properly functioning vehicle is the first step in stacking the cards in your favor. For general services, check to make sure that you have adequate tire tread and brake pads.

If you aren’t mechanically inclined, many service centers will offer a basic maintenance check free of charge. They also typically check to make sure that all of your lights, horn, and windshield wipers are functioning properly. Car accident lawyers typically understand that the basic maintenance and upkeep can contribute or cause an accident.

Winter Driving Tips

With slick roads, traction can be one of the most important factors in your safety. To aid in the best traction possible slowing your speed, allowing more distance, and keeping an eye for black ice are all important.

As you navigate the roads, it’s also important to keep your foot off the brake during a turn. This requires proper preparation for any bends in the road, but being able to maintain control through the turn is a skill that takes some practice and time.

If you do find that your vehicle is starting to spin, you should turn your wheels in the direction of the skid. This allows your car to come into alignment and regain traction so that you can safely navigate back to your lane.

Foggy Conditions

The common theme through all of these is to slow down. In foggy conditions, the low-level lighting is the most significant hazard in avoiding an accident. Slowing down allows you more time to see any potential obstacles and safely navigate around them, or come to a stop.

While counterintuitive, don’t turn on your high beam headlights. These beams cast light upward into the fog which reflects into your eyes and actually decreases your ability to see ahead. Instead, use your fog lights which cast light downward onto the road that increases your range.

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If you practice these tips, the chances of an accident can be greatly reduced. If you find that you’ve been involved in an accident and are considering a car accident lawyer, please contact our offices. Mingledorff and Patterson have broad experience in representing clients who have been involved in accidents due to adverse weather conditions. We will listen to you and be clear about explaining our path to seeking the compensation that you deserve.


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Truck Accident Lawyer | Truck Accident Claims vs. Car Accident Claims

Truck Accident Lawyer | If you’ve been involved in an accident with a Semi-Truck or a Big Rig, it is important to consider hiring a specialized truck accident lawyer. There are several critical differences involved when a Semi-truck is involved in an accident that typical motorists do not understand. Working with these lawyers will aid you in gaining the compensation that you deserve in this type of case. Here are some of the specialized things that your truck accident lawyer will look for that are different from typical vehicle accidents.

Different Legal Requirements

Truck drivers are legally required to carry different documents, higher levels of insurance, and specialized truck licenses. In addition, these large trucks are also needed for annual inspections, maintenance logs, medical clearances, and hours allowed on the road. All of these factors may be a unique contributing factor to an accident involving a semi-truck.

Different accident considerations

Large trucks carrying specialized equipment or very heavy loads have additional factors that must be considered when looking to the cause and contributing factors in an accident. The load reports and the method of loading a truck need to be carefully scrutinized. The materials that a truck is carrying may also play a role in an accident.

Larger insurance policies

These large commercial rigs are required to carry higher levels of insurance than the typical passenger vehicle. This also means that the potential losses to the insurance company can be higher, and they will be more prone to fight against claimants.

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These are just a few of the additional avenues that experienced truck accident lawyers need to evaluate when suggesting compensation and legal strategies. If you have been involved in an accident with a Semi-truck, please contact our legal offices. Mingledorff and Patterson have extensive experience representing clients in these cases.

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Truck Accident Lawyer | Steps to Take After You’ve Been Involved in a Truck Accident

Truck Accident Lawyer | If you’ve been involved in an accident with a truck, the potential damage, both physical and mental can be much higher than the typical automotive crash. If you are trying to determine your next course of action, these tips are for you. It may also be wise to consider interviewing and hiring a truck accident attorney. These attorneys bring the experience necessary to your case to get you the compensation you deserve.

Determine the potential for legal action

Truck drivers must maintain more rigid standards than typical drivers. While a truck accident lawyer will be able to assess your potential for a case better, you can begin by checking a few basic requirements. These include the proper license for the load and materials carried.

Truck licensing also requires an annual physical, and it’s important to make sure that the physical was completed and that there were no issues that arose with the medical clearance. Truckloads also have a physical weight limit that they cannot exceed. If the load was excessive, it’s more likely that you have a legal case.

Prepare to meet with an attorney

A truck accident lawyer will have significant knowledge about the possibility of your legal case, but you should still prepare in advance of meeting with an attorney to answer as many questions as possible. You should bring a copy of the police report, any photos, and a description of the weather and road conditions.

Bringing all of the pertinent information about your vehicle is valuable as well. These items should include the make and model, damage estimates for your car, and photos of the vehicle before and after the accident. You should also document and bring any receipts related to the accident. These include all of your medical records and their charges.

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This information is only part of the analysis that a truck accident attorney will use to determine if you have a legal case, and also the potential amount that you could expect to be awarded. If you have been involved in an accident, contact our offices. Mingledorff and Patterson are experienced attorneys and have represented numerous clients in truck accidents. Contact us today  (843) 931-0000 for an evaluation of your case.

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Auto Accident Attorney | Understanding the Levels of Fault in a Car Accident Case

Auto Accident Attorney | If you’ve ever looked into the steps to take after an accident, your insurance always states that you should not admit fault. Sometimes this may seem like an unnecessary step if somebody violated the rules of the road, but assigning fault in an accident is not always straightforward. While you should consider hiring an auto accident lawyer if you’ve been involved in a crash, here are a few things to consider when trying to understand who is at fault for a collision.



Negligence is typically the way that fault is assigned to an accident. The error may lie with an individual that failed to yield the right of way, or by running a red light or speeding. However, if there are other possible causes, the fault may lie with the other party.

Reckless or wanton conduct

A person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol at levels that are unsafe to operate a vehicle would have conducted in a reckless or wanton manner. These individuals may be assigned fault for a motor vehicle accident.

Strict liability

Strict liability may be considered even in the absence of fault. Strict liability is used in cases that may involve an injury that wasn’t directly related to causing the accident. Some examples include the transportation of hazardous materials or a defective product that caused injury.

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While it may seem pretty simple to assign fault in a case, you may want to have your case reviewed by an auto accident attorney. These attorneys are well versed in identifying issues with how fault was determined, or that fault was erroneously determined. If you are considering hiring an auto accident lawyer, please contact our offices. Mingledorff and Patterson have experienced attorneys with diverse experience in auto accidents. Let us provide you with a case review to determine the potential value of your claim. Call