Personal Injury Attorney | The Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Personal Injury Attorney | Car accidents are the most common type of case that a personal injury attorney works with on a daily basis. The more we understand why car accidents occur, the more prepared we can be when we’re on the roadway. Let’s discuss the most common types of accidents that occur on a daily basis.

Rear-End Accident

This particular type of accident occurs when a car is following too closely to another, and they crash into the back end. You can avoid these types of crashes by following at a safe distance and adjusting your driving based on weather and other conditions.

Single-Car Crashes

You may be surprised to learn that single-car crashes are all too common as well. These types of accidents can occur for a variety of reasons including not driving appropriately for conditions, speeding, or being a distracted driver. It doesn’t take two vehicles to cause a serious crash. Make sure your entire focus is on the road so you can avoid this type of crash when you’re behind the wheel.

Low-Speed Crashes

Bumping cars in a parking lot or fender-benders may not seem like a serious deal, but they can certainly result in damage and even injury. Be mindful of your surroundings even in low-speed areas as this is usually when you see more pedestrians and other features that can impact your driving. Don’t assume that low-speed accident means that you don’t qualify for a personal injury case.

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